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EDEN-DESIGN: Unique Metal Surfaces for Sophisticated Design

Metal is a material full of life, which becomes visible with all its grace only through the right treatment.
EDEN-DESIGN transforms stainless steel, brass, and copper alloys into unique design objects with special care and precision – to redefine your projects in living spaces. Design metal surfaces with a graceful appearance for areas such as elevator claddings, decorative automotive applications, interior and exterior facades and decorations, exclusive furniture and fireplace claddings, artworks, signs as well as plaques, medals, jewelry and decorative applications and more.
From simple polishing to the manufacture of vibrant design accents according to your ideas.

Our product categories are divided into various categories for better understanding:
EDEN INOX for all stainless steel surfaces
EDEN BRONZE encompasses many possibilities on brass and copper alloys
EDEN COLOR provides options for color variations through PVD coating


Brass/ Bronze/ Copper


Stainless Steel


PVD Colors


Unique Appearance

Environment & Sustainability

  • Use of 100% recyclable, high-quality materials made of stainless steel and copper alloys
  • Environmental management systems certified to ISO 14001:2015 in accordance with globally recognized requirements.
  • “Made in Germany” with the highest environmental standards in the world.
  • Promoting energy efficiency in the processes
  • Raising awareness of sustainability among customers
  • Integration of sustainable practices into day-to-day business
  • Options for recycling and repairing products

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit“


1. Your Idea

Together we define your wishes and requirements. We advise you on the design and implementation of your idea.

2. Our Technology

We rely on modern and efficient technologies. Our team of experts guarantees a precise implementation of your idea.

3. Your Product

We deliver a high-quality and individual end product. Through regular quality controls, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


Our goal is satisfied customers.